Like in the last years, 16 students of 4 different schools of Radebeul had the chance to join the exchange and visited our sister cities Sierra Vista and Cananea in Arizona and Mexico. All of us were looking forward to see each others again. Full of excitement we met each others at 7:30am on the 12th of February at the airport in Dresden where we had to say goodbye to our worried parents. Afterwards 16 excited students and 2 teachers stormed the airplane.

After an 2-hour flight to Frankfurt and an exhausting 10-hour flight, we arrived in Denver and had to wait for our next and last flight to Tucson where our exchange students picked us up. We finally arrived after a 14-hour journey from Dresden to Sierra Vista.
In the following days we did many activities like going to the Grand Canyon, visiting museums, going to Fort Huachuca, doing a 2-day trip to Phoenix and many other things. But besides the Mayor of Sierra Vista welcomed us very nicely. We also went to Buena Highschool one time where we noticed that the school system is really different over there. The teachers didn’t seem to be that strict and the students were allowed to eat or drink in the lessons. They could also use their phones or listen to music what we were really suprised about. On the whole, school seems to be easier there.
After an awesome week in Sierra Vista, we travelled to Cananea where we didn’t have much time to rest because there were so many activities. Apart from having many parties this week, we also could go to a mexican school. After we were at school we met the Mayor of Cananea who also welcomed us very nicely. The next days we had much fun – above all when we went to San Carlos for 3 days. The weather was really good over there and the temperatures raise to around 25degrees until 30degrees. So we also went to the beach where we could go swimming and really enjoyed the good weather. Besides we went on a little boat-tour where we could see dolphins and the beautiful sunset in the evening. We had much fun until we had to leave and went back to Sierra Vista where we enjoyed our last week. For example we went shopping in Tucson and visited other museums like the desert museum or the miniature museum. The time passed by really fast and suddenly it was Saturday when we had to say goodbye again to our new friends and our host-families. Nobody really wanted to go back to Germany and return to our normal workday over there. We already miss the Americans and Mexicans and we hope that we’ll see them again somewhen. At the end we had an awesome time over there and I can advise to all our students in the 9th and 10th grade to join the next exchange because it would be a great experience for everyone.

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Julia Nowosatko

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